"Unifying the Next Generation of Apostolics"


In today’s society, our youth are in danger and constantly being pressured on every side from their peers to the streets. Due to these alarming circumstances, the Apostolic Church has felt the effects of the attacks that our youth has to endure. Given that these attacks have greatly increased, it’s time to get the youth and young adults excited and involved in ministry. Our youth are the future bishops, pastors, deacons, missionaries, and evangelists of the church. Through the Holy Ghost, The Faith Assembly of Christ Young People’s Union has been called to begin a work such as this.  The mission of the FACWWYPU is to edify, educate, and empower the youth and young adults with the Apostle’s Doctrine. In order to do so, we will exercise this doctrine through worship services, seminars, workshops, and recreational activities.

Some of Our Services

"Endure Till The End"

"It's God That Matters"


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